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Analytic Transformation


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Analytic Transformation


September 4-6 /October 11, 2007


Chicago, IL/ Washington, DC



Analytic Transformation: Moving Forward Together


"Analysts are the voice of the Intelligence Community. While intelligence failures can certainly result from inadequate collection, recent experience shows that they can also occur when analysts do not effectively assess all relevant information and present it in a manner useful to decisionmakers. Improving the business of analysis should therefore be a major priority of the new Director of National Intelligence."


(The Commission on the Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction, March 31, 2005)


Welcome to a unique opportunity to engage and contribute to the transformation of U.S. intelligence analysis. The Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis is reaching out to the private and public sectors and academia for ideas, concepts, and experiences to enhance the plans and programs to build the robust analysis capabilities needed in the 21st Century.


This 5-day event will be as transformational as the ODNI's analytic transformation program itself. The primary 3-day conference in Chicago will be augmented over the following month with a 1-day on-line and a 1-day in-person session. These venues will provide opportunities for dialogue with key intelligence change leaders in interactive environments (Bring your laptops!) that stress collaboration and participation. You will hear about what the Office of the DNI has begun, what it hopes to achieve, what challenges lay ahead, and how you can contribute.


REGISTER NOW! - https://secure.insaonline.org/em/index.php?...=register&id=61

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