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Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America 1.0.0

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American and Soviet intelligence agencies had the practice in written documents and messages of printing proper names, including cover names, completely in capital letters. This was done to signal that when one read "on Monday PILOT reported," the source of the report was not a real pilot. Persons not used to reading intelligence material, however, frequently mistake the purpose of such capitalization for emphasis. To avoid distraction, the practice will not be followed in this book; only the initial letter of a cover name will be capitalized.
The documents decrypted in the Venona Project were translated from Russian over the period 1946-1981. During that time National Security Agency practices on transliterating Russian words and names from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet changed several times. Furthermore, a portion of work was done by British linguists, who rendered the translations in British English rather than American English. To avoid distracting readers who will wonder, understandably, if the "Anatolii" of one document is the same person as the "Anatoly" of another, all such words will be rendered under a single standard of anglicization...

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