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    • Просмотр файла Strategic Information Warfare. A New Face of War (RAND) Information Warfare and the Changing Face of War Information warfare (IW) represents a rapidly evolving and, as yet, imprecisely defined field of growing interest for defense planners and policymakers. The source of both the interest and the imprecision in this field is the so-called information revolution—led by the ongoing rapid evolution of cyberspace, microcomputers, and associated information technologies. The U.S. defense establishment, like U.S. society as a whole, is moving rapidly to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by these changes. At the same time, current and potential U.S. adversaries (and allies) are also looking to exploit the evolving global information infrastructure and associated technologies for military purposes. The end result and implications of these ongoing changes for international and other forms of conflict are highly uncertain, befitting a subject that is this new and dynamic. Will IW be a new but subordinate facet of warfare in which the United States and its allies readily overcome their own potential cyberspace vulnerabilities and gain and sustain whatever tactical and strategic military advantages that might be available in this arena? Or will the changes in conflict wrought by the ongoing information revolution be so rapid and profound that the net result is a new and grave threat to traditional military operations and U.S. society that fundamentally changes the future character of warfare? Добавил Роман Добавлено 23.07.2021 Категория Литература по специальности  
    • Просмотр файла Secret Warriors - Inside the Covert Military Operations of the Reagan Era.compressed April 25, 1980: The rescue attempt to free the hostages in Iran lay in shambles on the floor of the desert. An accidental collision had produced a giant inferno. Eight soldiers were dead, five others severely burned and seven aircraft destroyed. It was a total disaster. When America learned of the failure, it was shocked and dismayed. The whole world was stunned. Recent hostage rescue attempts by Israel, West Germany and England had been dazzlingly successful—what was wrong with the United States? Profoundly embarrassed, the Pentagon swore that it would never again let itself be caught unprepared. In particular, it was furious at the CIA for what it considered the Agency's unforg... Добавил Роман Добавлено 02.07.2021 Категория Литература по специальности  
    • Здравствуйте, друзья! 15 мая состоится новое мероприятие с Андреем Масаловичем в роли спикера, в этот раз на тему информационных войн. Как происходит противоборство в интернете, кто и как на нем зарабатывает. Позиционирование брендов, вбросы и заказные материалы, битвы компроматов, защита и профилактика. Онлайн — 3000, живая встреча для желающих в Москве — 8000. Участникам форума все так же скидка по промокоду it2b — 500 рублей.  https://bezopasnaya-sreda.timepad.ru/event/1625412/
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