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Obama Orders 60-day Cyber-security Review


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Just how secure are the federal networks that hold large amounts of sensitive data? President Barack Obama appoints Bush holdover cyber-security guru Melissa Hathaway to head a 60-day review of federal systems.


President Obama ordered his National Security and Homeland Security advisors Feb. 9 to conduct an immediate review of the U.S. government's cyber-security plans, programs, and activities. Heading the 60-day review will be Melissa Hathaway, who served as the cyber-security coordinator executive under Mike McConnell, former President Bush's Director of National Intelligence.


Hathaway was also named a senior director at the National Security Council and numerous media accounts have mentioned her as a top candidate to serve as Obama's cyber-security chief. A former Booz Allen consultant, Hathaway led a group that developed Bush's National Cybersecurity Initiative.




I dont understood, wtf with this e-weAk, 4 what they try 2 speak ab0t infosec with

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