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Good Practice


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The Standard of Good Practice for Information Security (the Standard) is the foremost authority on information security. It addresses information security from a business perspective, providing a practical basis for assessing an organisation’s information security arrangements.



The Standard represents part of the ISF's information risk management suite of products and is based on a wealth of material, in-depth research, and the extensive knowledge and practical experience of ISF Members worldwide.


The Standard is updated at least every two years in order to:

• respond to the needs of leading international organisations

• refine areas of best practice for information security

• reflect the most up-to-date thinking in information security

• remain aligned with other information security-related standards, such as ISO 27002 (17799), COBIT v4.1 and PCI/DSS

• include information on the latest ‘hot topics’.


Information Security Forum (ISF)

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