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Q&a: Intelligence Analysis And Critical Thinking

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Alan Blaney (Fraud and intelligence analysis training specialist):

From my experience over the last 11 years I have seen a recent increase in the number of companies who are requesting training in the use of “Intelligence Analysis” techniques to combat threats against them, these techniques have been used for years within law enforcement but I would be interested in any views the group has with regard to their increased use within our field.


Willem VAN DER LOOS (Compliance Officer at ING):

Do you mean the use of CAATTs (Computer-assisted Audit Tools & Techniques)? By using such tools, like ACL, or others, you will be able to analyze (very) large amounts of data and consequently you will be able to identify patterns. (Internal) Fraud -if, not detected by tips- would be discovered by "patterns" in electronic data.



Rajeev Rawat (Founder and President at BI Results, LLC and Owner, BI Results, LLC):

Clients are accessing tools that are available on the market for specific/their own industry or applications. Our advice is to not necessarily look for best of breed tool, but to see which is compatible with their own applications and infrastructure. Speaking from a systems perspective, even specialized tools need significant integration.



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